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4 industrial platforms

4 industrial platforms

Orano operates some of the most modern facilities in the world, which are recognized by the entire market for their technologies and processes at the cutting edge of innovation.

Orano Malvési

World leader in uranium conversion

500 employees

Helps to supply 180 million households worldwide with low-carbon domestic electricity

Orano Malvési carries out the first conversion phase consisting of purifying the natural uranium ore extracted into uranium tetrafluoride (UF4). In addition, the site is launching a new unit to supply the Melox facility with uranium dioxide (UO₂) for MOX fuel.

Orano Tricastin

3 worldwide in enrichment

Largest nuclear complex in Europe

2,500 employees

The Tricastin site has two world-class facilities: Philippe Coste (2nd conversion phase) and Georges Besse 2 (enrichment).

Orano la Hague

World leader in recycling used fuel from reactors all over the world

4,000 employees

> 1,000 metric tons of used fuel processed every year

The site offers radioactive material recycling services for future use in new fuels.

Orano Melox

Global benchmark MOX fuel manufacturing site

725 employees

44 reactors worldwide have produced electricity using MOX

The Orano Melox recycling site manufactures MOX fuel assemblies made from mixing depleted uranium and plutonium oxides derived from used nuclear fuel. These assemblies are intended to supply light-water reactors for producing electricity.

Project to extend the Georges Besse 2 plant to increase its enrichment capacities by nearly 30%

The extension of the Georges Besse 2 site would increase its installed production capacity from 7.5 million to 11 million SWU*, with start of production in 2028 and full commissioning in 2030.

The project involves adding four extra modules totally identical to the site’s existing 14 modules. This will enable the facility to reach its maximum production capacity as planned during the design phase in 2004, for a production capacity increase of nearly 30%.

In the current geopolitical climate, this extension aims to contribute to Western energy sovereignty by replacing the supply of Russian enriched uranium and anticipating potential shortages.

Following a public consultation completed on April 9, 2023, the final decision will be subject to the receipt of customer contracts and approval by Orano’s Board of Directors.

* Separate Work Unit: unit used to quantify enriched uranium.