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Our activities


As a key player in the nuclear fuel cycle, Orano recovers nuclear materials so that they can contribute to society’s development in the field of energy, as well as research in nuclear medicine.


The Group’s mining activities cover the exploration, production and commercialization of uranium worldwide, as well as the remediation of former mining sites. Orano is one of the world’s leading producers of uranium.

Uranium conversion and enrichment

With a unique integrated industrial platform and the world’s most modern facilities - the Philippe Coste conversion plant and the Georges Besse 2 enrichment plant - Orano is recognized throughout the industry for its technical skills and cutting-edge processes.

Used fuel recycling

Thanks to the performance of its la Hague and Melox sites, the only ones of their kind to operate on an industrial scale, Orano is able to position itself as a key international player in the processing and recycling of used nuclear fuels.

Dismantling and services

With 50 years’ experience, Orano is a benchmark supplier in the field of operations support for nuclear sites (work-site logistics, specialized maintenance and radiological security), as well as the management of radioactive waste and dismantling of end-of-life equipment and facilities.

Nuclear packages and services

Throughout the nuclear fuel cycle, Orano provides its unique expertise in the design, certification and production of casks, as well as associated transport operations, whether overland, by sea or by rail, coupled with the very highest level of risk management.


Engineering operations span engineering consulting services, contracting and project management assistance, design and construction engineering, plant commissioning and operational support.

Teams operate in the Group’s own facilities as well as on behalf of external customers in France and worldwide.

Orano Med

Orano Med, a subsidiary of Orano, is a company that brings together biotechnologies and nuclear technology to develop new therapies to fight cancer.