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Get a grip on the jargon

GET A GRIP on the jargon

ALARAAs Low As Reasonably Achievable

An approach for minimizing operator exposure to radiation applied to all nuclear operations.


A container specially designed to fully confine certain radioactive materials or waste (used fuel, vitrified waste) and withstand accidents during transport.

EOL operations

End-of-lifecycle operations, i.e., all work involved in dismantling nuclear facilities upon shutdown and long-term management of the related waste generated during operation or dismantling.

Glove box

A hermetically sealed container in which MOX fuel is manufactured.

ISRIn-Situ Recovery

An extraction technology which consists of injecting a leaching solution into the deposit through wells and recovering the dissolved uranium by pumping.


A mixture of depleted uranium and plutonium oxides used for manufacturing recycled fuels.


A basin in which used nuclear fuel is stored after a reactor has been unloaded in order to let the assemblies shed part of their radioactivity by radioactive decay.


Separative Work Unit. Unit used to quantify enriched uranium.