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Orano works with around 100 VSEs and SMEs to share expertise and technologies. The Group is currently co-developing a connected radiometer watch with Swiss-based North Eagles: a world first.

« Capable of measuring radiation doses in real time, the watch is connected to the control room. Acting as an additional safety device to support the existing dosimetry system, its connectivity offers extended features such as chest dosimetry (stress measurement). Without working closely with Orano’s innovation teams, we could not have tackled all the requirements needed to develop this pioneering model. »

Olivier Voumard, CEO, North Eagles

Access to facilities

Orano provides access to its resources (unrivaled expertise, test resources, testing sites) to help deep-tech players develop and validate their innovative solutions on an industrial scale.

« We have been working with Orano for six years. By gaining access to Orano’s facilities, we were able to design and test, first in inactive mode, then in real conditions and ultimately validate a number of UGVs whose use appears obvious for decontamination operations and work in more or less radioactive environments, while protecting operators. The collaboration was fruitful, as it allowed us to step up our structuring and rapidly develop our skills. The nuclear industry is a great opportunity for robotics specialists like Shark Robotics! »

Cyrille Kabbara, Chairman & CEO, Shark Robotics

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Orano buys businesses and leverages their singularities in the integration processes. INEVO, for example, is a process engineering company founded in 2005. Having become an Orano Projects subsidiary in 2022, the company is now involved in diversifying the Group’s engineering services into non-nuclear sectors.

« We chose Orano because we were in tune with the Group’s values, as well as their development plans. We can continue our roadmap backed by a strong partner with an industrial mindset. Our process industrialization know-how is a growth driver for the Group and the companies we support. »

Anthony Ruiz, Founder & CEO, INEVO

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Orano organizes an immersive learning program involving Group employees and start-ups. A win-win approach.

« The ‘Immersive start-up’ program consists of three half-day sessions dedicated to exchange, organised between 11 Group HR employees and 11 start ups. This system allows us to get immersed in start-up culture and develop our working methods. Start-ups benefit from our professional skills, expertise and networks to grow their business. And as for us, we open our chakras and get inspired! »

Thomas Xantippe, Social Regulations Manager, Social Affairs Department