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There’s a strong future in nuclear energy and we need talent! In addition to the 1,300 permanent employees we hire each year in France, we train more than 800 work-study students and 200 interns.

Students, young graduates and seasoned professionals alike will find their feet and thrive in a Group that provides meaningful, fulfilling careers.

Varied and evolving career paths

At Orano, your career path may change direction, but will always help you grow!

Mobility, career development, stimulating projects, companionship, training programs…everyone gets the support they need.

> 500 transfers each year

Nearly 39 hours of training per year for each employee

Advantageous pay packages

In addition to fixed compensation, the Orano group’s salary policy takes into account the individual performance of each employee. In collective terms, this takes the form of profit-sharing and incentive schemes. Innovation and referrals are rewarded with bonuses.

Nearly 700 persons with disabilities in Orano’s workforce in France

Diversity & Inclusion

At Orano, diversity is a strength! The Group opposes all forms of discrimination, guarantees fair treatment and ensures that all differences are included.

Gender diversity: a driver of performance

For over 10 years, Orano’s proactive policy has given pride of place to women. The policy is enshrined in agreements signed with our labor representatives, the hiring of more female employees and the attention paid to career development.

Average pay gap, at equivalent responsibility, between women and men reduced to 0.5% for employees and 1.7% for managers

Up to 90 days of teleworking per year, and more for persons with disabilities or caregivers. 4 days extra paternity leave, making 32 days in total

Healthy work/life balance

At Orano, defend the right to disconnect and make every effort to ensure that your work environment is a source of motivation, fulfillment and personal development.