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Welcome to our Écoles des Métiers

La Hague Écoles des Métiers

Every year, 400-500 people receive training from around 150 vocational trainers in order to ensure that technical and scientific know-how is passed on and assimilated. The school includes a virtual reality room and a testing hall fitted with reconstructed life-size workstations. As such, teams are trained in predictive scenarios and using remote intervention techniques such as teleoperation and controlling equipment located in inaccessible areas. The aim is to train employees in real-life situations without radiological constraints.

Melox virtual room

At the Orano Melox site, 80% of the nuclear fuel recycling process is confined to glove boxes. These hermetically sealed boxes allow operators to handle materials using gloves attached to the sides. The Melox École des Métiers is equipped with physical (models) and virtual (virtual and augmented reality) solutions allowing trainees to get the hang of these high-precision operations. Trainees can practice glove-box handling via 3D simulation and physical exercises in order to reach operational standard quickly. At Melox, it’s only a small step from virtual to real.

Tricastin training worksites

Orano’s École des Métiers network includes 24 training worksites enabling trainees to round off their training path with an experience as close as possible to the real thing. Run by Orano experts, these worksites help to inculcate the right reflexes and best practices in areas including safety, security and waste management, besides helping trainees acquire operating skills by practicing on industrial facilities and processes.