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What does it mean to work for Orano?

Orano is a company in keeping with my deepest convictions, as it takes tangible stepsfor the climate, by providing low-carbon resource-efficient energy, but also for health, as it has a nuclear medicine excellence subsidiary dedicated to detecting and fighting cancer.
Fanny R., Work-study student, Radiation Protection
I am proud to contribute to the development of the nuclear facility of the future at Orano la Hague by enabling the emergence of new clean technologies, encouraging eco-design and the recycling of energy and materials, while preserving the site’s biodiversity.
Florence C., Technical Innovation Manager
Orano provides an opportunity to help reduce humans’ impact on the planet by recycling materials, making facilities safer and lessening the impact of industrial operations.
Sylvain A., Commissioning Division Manager
What’s important is putting down roots in the region through the hiring policy, developing an economic ecosystem by sourcing from reliable local suppliers, and leading community initiatives for the benefit of local residents.
Maman Nassirou B. B.,Head of HR administration - SOMAIR Niger